What Ho

Like most of you find chaps & capettes we are totally enthralled with the new French drama Resistance.

Set during the Second World War and based on true event.

Whilst watching ithowever, I wondered if I put in that postion would be so brave, I'd like to think so and hope so, but one thing I know we all owe a great debt to the people of the Resistance.

It is thought that Gen de Gaulle, lonely and defiant radio message from London via the BBC in which he told his countrymen that France had lost a battle, but not the war,

This was seen as a call to arms and the formulation of The Resistance.

Churchill acknowledged De Gaulle as the leader of the "Free French" and they were aided and financed by the British.

The series follows a group of young heroes fighting for freedom from Nazi occupation who join forces to produce a newspaper.

As well as the newspapers, information posters were also printed which were pasted to any and all available walls.

The estimated number of active resisters during WW2 is thought to be about 2% of the adult French population, approximately 400, 00 resistance fighters

Britian sent SOE experts over to France to work alongside and train the memebers of French Resistance in espionage, sabotage, and reconnaissance.

Skills that they quickly became most proficient in.......

The Resistance also maintain an active escape networks which helped allied soldiers and airmen trapped behind enemy lines to escape back to England.............
To fight another day.

How many Allied military escapees and evaders were actually smuggled out of France and into Spain by The Resistance will never really be established as records during the war were often hastily kept and collating them has been almost impossible.

However, the combined official American and British sources indicate there were roughly 3,000 evading American fliers and several hundred escaping POWs who were processed through Spain.

In 2005, a new museum at the Natzweiler Memorial Site was dedicated to the heroes of the French Resistance whose efforts to defeat the Nazis and liberate Europe were significant.

We intend to watch and enjoy the remainder of this series and maybe check out some of the other French Resistance films and TV series that have been made to watch during the dark night of winter.

Rosie lea x