Wolves in Men's Clothing

During the 1920’s and 1930’s.the fur coat was a staple in the closets of the most excellent dressed gent, the most expensive furs were Sable, Ermine, Mink and Fox and any man who could afford a fur coat probably own one, as it was seen as a symbol of status and social position.


Whereas furs such as Racoon, Beaver and Buffalo were deemed to more often associate with Gentlemen of less-than-legit professions wearing it however allowed it’s wearer to publicise his wealth.

Full length fur coats were and are substantial, and make the wearer look much more imposing.

al harry fur coat 2                                           fur coat 1

Big Al wearing his original 1930's American Racoon Coat as he goes about Gangster Squad Business.............. 

Don't ask........

The less you know the better ..........


harr fur coat 1

Gangster Squad Associate Dapper Gent Harry Esq. wearing his original Coyote Fur Coat Date Undisclosed..... as is most of Harry's business.....

Racoon Coats.

These coats may look a bit distorted to the modern eye accustome to a slim over coat however,  traditinally these coat were cut a little bit wider and if made by an expert furrier could look as if they were made of one skin.

fur coat 2

With the development of the early motor cars which tended to be open, motoring in cold weather necessitated warm and protective clothing, and so Racoon and Coyote coats became the rage for motoring and motoring events.

Fur Collars.

However, if a chap only favoured a touch of fur or if his primary interested was not so much in the insulation properties of the coat then a overcoat with a fur collar was the way to go.

Many over coats of the 1930's & 40's had shaw collar made of fur or sheepskin.

Ray fur coat 1

Sugar Ray is seen here with a 1940's  double breasted over coat with sheepskin shawl collar maker unknown.........

Aquired from a chap in New York ..... No questioned asked!!!

isabel & Al                  424652_474481762638354_627261644_n

Big Al with Maw Hootie Ma Boobies in a double breasted 1940's over coat with sheepskin shawl collar.

harry & Co Print works 1

Harry Esq.in his  grey 1940's overcoat with a black Astrakhan shawl collar.

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The Ramblings of Rosie Lea

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