A Broad Abroad.

As it is International Woman's Day today I thought I would introduce you one of my favorite Ladies.

ca. 1945 --- Wallis, Duchess of Windsor in a short-sleeved Vionnet dress and belt, holding a hip-length jacket. --- Image by © CondÈ Nast Archive/CORBIS

Wallis Simpson Love her or Hate her it can not be deny that she had an amazing sense of style which is why her wardrobe continues to fascinate us.

wallis 1

Wallis was said to be a realist and possibly a little bit if an exhibitionist, she certainly had a penchant for wearing the most current fashions of the time.

1937  saw Wallis wearing an Elsa Schiaparelli Lobster gown designed in collaboration with Salvador Dali, it shows that Wallis was determined to make a statement.

Wallis was willing to showcase the most accomplished designers and painters of her generation, she wore this cutting edge gown for her shoot by Cecil Beaton for Vogue.

wallis 2                                                          wallis 6

The Leaf motif was a recurring design through out Wallis's life.

wallis 3

1940's  saw Wallis in a white wool skirt suit with red embroidery Wallis was of the opinion that she may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but she could make up for it by being the best dressed and in my opinion she was.

wallis 4

Wallis is seen here  in a blue printed dress and red belt outside Government House in Nassau, the Bahamas in 1942 some say that Wallis worn  fashion as a kind of amour, who could blame her, to me the more notorious she became the more sophisticated her sense of style became.

wallis 9

1950 The Duchess of Windsor never lost her penchant for wearing the most current fashions of the time 1950 saw Wallis in Dior's Flûte Enchantée dress from his Autumn/Winter collection.

wallis 7                                                                   wallis 5         

In Portofino with their dog Thalmet.                                                           Relaxing with the Duke.

Wallis along with being credit as being one of the most beautifully dressed woman of her time was also a guinius for coning aphorisms.

She came up with....

"You can never be too rich or too thin".

"Never explain, Never complain".

but Wallis's

" Dress Better" was a Mantra by which she lived.

wallis 14                            wallis 15

wallis 16                                     wallis 17

If you would like to read more about this amazing beautiful some times tragic but always better dressed than everyone else then I can personally recommend all of the above books.

Enjoy International Woman's day


Rosie Lea xx