Cosmopolitanism, Trousers & La Mode Garconne.

Cosmopolitanism, Trousers & La Mode Garconne.

Hello Chaps & Chapettes

Two coincidences in my life recently have made me firstly curious and secondly aware of the people within the “vintage” scene who do not live in that crowded 1940’s pigeonhole.

The first thing that made me curious was a blog by Snoddlebug Entitled Bette does Butch.

Snoodlebug tells us about an event called “Bette Davies Night” that she attended recently and what she wore and why.

snoodlebug Betty Davies


The second thing is an amazing Girl I am fortunate to be friends with, who totally thinks outside the box when dressing.

Now I know you have all heard of The Tweed Run, this is said Girl (Michelle) at the Manchester and Lytham Tweed Runs.


Manchester Tweed Run 2016.                                                        


1920’s /30’s


Tweed Run Lytham 2015 


1920’s /30’s

During the 1920’s -30’s this fashion / style was known as
“La Mode Garconne”.
Parisian fashion designer Coco Channel endorsed this style and women who adopted it were called “Garconnei” (feminised version of the word “boy” in French).


Coco Chanel   


Elsa Schiaparelli

Both Coco Channel & Elsa Schiaparelli created memorable fashions that were in step with 1920s /30s concepts of what the modern woman wanted.
It seems to me that in many ways these two amazing decades of fashions have been forgotten and are being over looked.

BG3                                                     gb13

Michelle 2016                                                                               1920’s/30’s

The boyish bob became very fashionable in the 1930’s and was worn so very well by Lady Mary in the TV series Dolton Abbey.
It is such an easy hair style to maintain however, longer hair can also be style to suite this look.


Lady Mary Dolton Abbey.

So Chapettes & Chaps maybe next time you are feeling a little stifled in that amazing but somewhat over crowded 1940’s pigeonhole and you are looking at your incrediable wardrobe full of 1940’s cloths and wondering what to wear or how to once again reinvent yourself and your wardrobe, maybe you could take a leaf out of Michelle and Snoodlebugs Books and take a peek at and  maybe dip a toe in to the pool that is 1920’s & 1930’s fashion.

I’d love to hear how you add an edge to your outfits?
Rosie Lea xx