Dexys Midnight Runners Kevin Rowland goes Gangster.

Hello Chaps & Chapettes.

Following on from my recent blog  Wolves in Mens Clothing.  20/02/2016 

I became aware of  Kevin Rowland  singer/songwriter/co-founder of Dexys Midnight Runners when I saw Dexys Midnight Runners  Woman of Ireland Video on You Tube and his panache for wearing overcoats with fur shawl collars and my doesn’t he wear them well.


dexy 1

He appears flamboyant and confident in his style choices and is one very dapper chap.

It also appears that maybe Kevin and Sugar Ray  might also own the same coat or that they are coat sharing?

Either way they both look very debonair and pleasing to the eye.

                      dexy 5       20140817_152806

As with all Dapper Chaps both Big Al and Kevin Rowland appriciate an elegant lady on their arm and manage to do Sauvé with such casual ease.

 isabel & Al                       dexy 2 

So for all you wonderful  chivalrous Dapper Chaps out there please keep dressing flamboyantly with a touch of  Sauvé and dash of Debonair as you bring style, sophisication and elegence to a some what  dull and boring world.

Rosie Lea  xx