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I hope you have all been enjoying our little bit of summer and been out there either  topping up your tan or hiding like me under your parasol.

We have Fashion Legion Coco Chanel to thank for the fashion of  getting a sun tan, as after accidentally gaining a tan whilst sailing getting a sun tan became fashionable.

Coco Chanel also decided at this time that to keep cool whilst out in the sunshine baggy pyjama-style trousers – complete with a loose-fitting shirt or a sleeveless top – could combine elegance and comfort and allow her to keep reasonably cool.

And so the sparks of a new fashion tend were ignited.

Beach Pyjamas

Initially women in trousers in the 1920’s was still considered very risqué and many pyjamas suits were advertised for wearing whilst smoking.

Beach pyjamas however are recorded as being first seen on the Riviera in about 1927 worn by the smart set over their swimming costumes.

The very transgressive temperament of the seaside ensured that the creation of these outlandish garment became fashionable.

As a rule most beach pyjamas were made of crepe de chine, jersey, eponge (early towelling)  however, due to the ever-growing interest in creating synthetic fabric allowed beach pyjamas to be made of silk.

The Art Deco craze added another dimension to this eclectic fashion, that of geometric prints.

And so a trip to the coast, The British Riviera became a requirement to maintain an aspirational fashionable lifestyle.

It could be said that the seaside pier became the first catwalk as promenading became an essential part of “being seen” and held such high social significance.

Beach pyjamas gave women an unprecedented look, freedom and a more relaxed attitude which allowed them to be cheekier more playful, but always elegant and sophisticated.

The “BlueTrain”  as featured in Agatha Christie Poirot was a colloquial term for the train that rushed the rich English tourist to the Cote d’ Azur for the summer season.

It was members of  returning British Raj who brough pyjamas back to England from India, Middle and Far East as exotic leisure wear.

There is a strong Oriental influence to the beach pyjamas of the 1920’s and 30’s and this can be seen in the inspirational  lounge wear of the time.

Film star Anna May Wong is possibly the most famous Oriental film actress of this time.

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