With over forty years’ experience within the music and public entertainment business on an International scale between the 1970’ to the 1990’s in places such as, The Tunnel Club New York, Global Village Barcelona, Wag Club London, Art Lab, The Mill and Ignition in Preston.

He has been Involved in the arrangement of many parties for Personalities such as, Andy Whorhol, Quentin Crisp, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Raquel Welch and Roxy Music as well as many Hollywood movie actors.

As one of the founder members of The Gangster Squad, his background and artistic skills coupled with his astonishing ability to think outside of the box which he passionately uses in the invention of some of the most magnificent, weird and wonderful stage settings.

He also restores and paints Classic cars and Motorcycles.


Born in the East end of London, (yeah proper EastEnders aint he ;-)) but brought up in Essex.

Worked in Canning Town for 14 years before moving Oop North with his gorgeous wife Zelda who dragged him kicking and screaming into the Vintage scene which he now distinguished.

Spending his working life in Precision Engineering skills that he now passionately uses in the construction of some of the most magnificent, weird and wonderful stage settings.

Engineering skills that have been used in the manufacture of various parts for one of the Gangster Squad cars, a 1946 ROVER14 P2, which is being expertly and totally restored by the Master of Classic Cars Big Al, and Big Al’s own Stunningly beautiful 1942 Chrysler New Yorker.


An Essex gal by birth but an Londoner at heart, Zelda spent her early working life as a visual merchandiser for the likes of Swears & Wells Furriers,Bourne & Hollingsworth, Selfridges and Liberty of London. Choosing to move North of The Watford Gap Zelda as one of the founder members of The Gangster Squad  continued used her artistic skills designing the Squads events flyers, marketing campaigns and being the Squads Girl Friday.


Entertainment co- ordinator.

A love of all aspects of vintage from a young age. Studied Graphic design on leaving school and worked in the print industry for many years as a typesetter/Artworker.

Sought out my love of vintage via the 1940s scene over 10 years ago, a perfect
setting for me as it included all the things I love and opened many avenues to try new things. Danced as a young girl and gained medals for disco dancing, Learnt to dance 30s 40s style by GI Jive and grew in confidence , enough to start performing burlesque under the name Starla Slinksville. Met many interesting people along the way including photographers and entered the world of themed photoshoots. More recently moved into the earlier 1930s style and now a fully fledged flapper girl of the 1920s.

I own many fabulous pieces of vintage clothing and footwear from the 1920s-
1940s and my home is styled to 1930s, with some elements of modern and includes many original pieces of furniture and other items. I Write occasional articles for vintage life magazine, covering many of the Gangster Squads dances. Still performing as part of the Gangster Squads themed dances and collaborating on ideas and stage time for the squad.