The Lure of the Cane.

Good evening Chaps & Chapettes tonight I wish to bring to your attention The Lure of the Cane.

For the purist there can only be the walking cane, never the walking stick.
The walking cane is aesthetic and elegant, the walking stick is robust and functional…. And please… never…. Ever mix the two up….

The walking cane is held in such high esteem that is has been sung about,
In an English Man in New York, Sting sings of taking his ‘everywhere for a walk’, he was as we know singing as in the first person as the amazingly, flamboyant, Quintin Crisp.

In the hall way of any Victorian gentleman home a stand would have been found containing a variety of walking canes some with tops fashioned into a dog’s head, with the mouth open to accommodate evening gloves. />

Other walking cane’s who’s tops concealed watches,
compasses, an ivory skull with rolling eyes.

The arch dandy Beau Brummell was said to own a walking cane, it’s top fashioned into the likeness of George IV.
Which leads us to the hugely popular … But rarely spoke of… Walking Cane Erotica.
Erotica is where the tops and handles of canes were fashioned into…………
Reclining studio nudes,
and opium- den trollops,
to name but few of the themes that were used ……

For the most part these shockingly unconventional carvings remained clandestinely hidden under the hand of the often outwardly pious cane user….

Many of the finest and most intricate and complicatedly carved outré examples were by the Asian and Japanese

designers / carvers of the Victorian and Edwardian era.

The outré walking canes are as highly prized today as they were by the decadent Victorian and Edwardian owner, gentelmen of position of infulience, gentelmen of breeding.

The lure of these Erotic Cane Tops are as popular now for collectors who are known as Rabologist (Cane Collectors) .

The Antique Cane Society members have in their collections thousands of astounding examples of outré and there are many books published on this most fascinating, bizarre and eccentric subject.
So whilst you are out and about socialising in 2018 you never know what you might see ….…….. or find…..

Until next time,

Zelda x