Witch Queen of New Orleans.

What Ho Chaps & Chapettes,

So Who do Voodoo, You do Voodoo, Hopefully at Our  Saturday April 8th Themed Dance,

Sugar Ray’s Voodoo Lounge.

Marie, Marie, La, Voo-doo Yeady
She’ll put a spell on you
Marie, Marie, La, Voo-doo Yeady
She’ll put a spell on you
Marie, Marie, La, Voo-doo Yeady
She’s the witch queen oh, of New Orleans
Of New Orleans

So who was The Witch Queen of New Orleans that……. Redbone.

Sang so enthusiastically about in their 1971 chart topping song?

“The Witch Queen of New Orleans” was Marie Laveau a 19th-century practitioner of voodoo

Marie Laveau was a Creole Voodoo Queen who was famous for the great power that she exercised in and over her community and her enthusiastic leading of the numerous ceremonial meetings and ritual dances.

Marie Laveau was beautifully portrayed by Angela Bassett in the TV show American Horror Story “Go to Hell” 2014.

Our kind of  Voodoo is founded more in 1930s Pre Code America when the 1932  Pre-Code horror film   White Zombie starring Béla Lugosi    

was considered most risqué as it portrayed Voodoo as exotically dark and moody.

White Zombie is also considered to be the first feature length zombie film.

Because of this film many popular songs of the time had names that included “Voodoo” 

such as The foxtrot “Voodoo “and “Voodoo Moon”.

And so we look forward to seeing you  in April

when all your favourites from the 1930’s & 1940’s will be the order of the night at  Sugar Ray’s Voodoo Lounge

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones…….

Rosie Lea xx